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​Continuing the Recruiting Process:

  • By now, hopefully you have narrowed down your choices or are committed
  • There are no restrictions for you or the coach so they can call or text you
  • If you are deciding between two or three schools:
    • Go on an unofficial visit
      • Stay with the team and go to classes to really determine if thats the right school for you
    • Once you decide which one you are interested, tell the coach by phone call, email, or in person
  • Applying to school:
    • After you are committed to school, Division I - Division III you need to actually apply to the school! 
      • Most coaches will tell you to apply Early Decision (ED)
      • Division I 
        • If you are going to an Ivy, you will be applying ED and before you receive your acceptance letter in the winter, you will receive a "Likely" letter that lets you know that you are in the school.
        • If you are going to a non-Ivy DI, you will have a signing day if you are getting any scholarship money
      • Division III 
        • If you are committed, the coach will request that you apply early decision
        • Once you apply, you are either a "push" player or essentially applying normally
          • A "push" player is one that the coach either really wants or does not have the grades to get in to the school on her own 
            • This player will still apply early but they have the support of the coach and the admissions knows that
          • Every other player applying is still flagged as an athlete and put into a separate pile, and the coach usually picks these players based on their high academics, which means you are also set to get in
  • Once you are officially in:
    • Congrats! You made it! All the hard work you put in has now paid off
    • All you now need to focus on is improving your skills and getting in peak shape before your college season
  • Summer before college:
    • Follow your workout packet given to you by your coach
    • Try to attend their summer camp in order to play with the other incoming freshmen and to be able to play in front of your coach before you head up there
  • Good Luck!

For more recruiting information and guidance, please contact txfieldhockey@gmail.com.

Senior RecruitinG

Explanation of the recruiting process of your Senior Year