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Things to Do Summer before Freshmen Year - Spring:

  • Create a list of schools you are interested 
    • Make it broad, should have at least 25 - 30 schools you are potentially interested in
    • Include all of the schools that include your major and some that might be a bit broader (in case you change your mind)
  • Start attending camps or clinics of your top choices
    • ​This is to start building relationships
  • Email schools at least 5 days prior to an event
    • ​Tournaments, Camps or Clinics
  • When you received Questionnaire requests - Fill them out right away, not 6 months later
  • When you receive emails, respond timely
  • If you have been identified through the National Futures Championship, this process may move quicker than expected
  • Focus on developing into the best player you can possibly become

For more recruiting information and guidance, please contact txfieldhockey@gmail.com.

Explanation of beginning the recruiting process starting the summer before your Freshmen year of high school

Freshmen Recruiting